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  • Maheka Mirpuri


As a fashion designer, the journey from sketch to runway is always an exhilarating one.

The process of bringing a collection to life involves a great deal of creativity, hard work, and attention to detail.

When I start working on a new collection, I usually begin by sketching out my ideas. I draw inspiration from a variety of sources, including art, nature, and culture. These sketches serve as a blueprint for the collection, giving me a rough idea of what the finished pieces will look like.

Once I have my sketches in hand, I begin the process of sourcing fabrics and materials. I carefully select materials that will bring my designs to life, paying close attention to the colours, textures, and patterns that will complement each piece.

With the fabrics and materials in hand, it’s time to start creating the actual pieces!

Since it is a lengthy process, each piece I have produced has held a special place in my heart. However, there is always that one outfit in my collection that stands out from the rest, and the joy I experienced while designing it is unforgettable.

In honour of completing 25 years in the industry, I am delighted to share with you a selection of my favourite pieces from my last collections.

Rainforest Escape SS20

This collection is a reflection of colours and a fantastical homage to nature’s exquisite wonders. The campaign for this collection was photographed at my home, which exudes a sense of comfort and ease, following the relaxation of the lockdown period.

Crafted from top-notch Taffeta fabric, this shirt exudes an aura of drama and whimsy, courtesy of its exaggerated shoulder flaps and balloon sleeves. The surprise element comes from the intriguing patchwork design at the centre of the back.

The ruched-up waistline artfully accentuates your curves, creating a perfectly balanced silhouette.

The Ladybug 2022 Valentine Collection

I manifested my greatest aspiration with my debut Valentine collection, where the allure of Ladybugs heralded an abundance of love, prosperity, and good fortune.

This playful yet magnificent piece was the real standout from this collection. The taffeta material gives it a luxurious sheen and the quilted finish provides a unique texture that dazzlingly catches the light. The short tube style accentuates the wearer’s figure, showing off just the right amount of skin to create a sense of sultry elegance.

Fall Winter 2022

An amalgamation of diverse cultures, this fashion collection was a vibrant tribute to the beauty of Indo-Western fusion.

The warm hues exude a fiery glow, perfectly suited for the autumnal atmosphere, while commemorating a decade of compassion, empathy, and generosity with Tata Memorial Hospital and MCAN.

Some outfits leave a lasting impression on us, and for me, that outfit is a stunning two-piece ensemble that holds a special place in my heart. It’s a breathtaking combination of bold metallics, vibrant colours, and intricate details that make it truly unforgettable.

Bourbon & Brandy 2022

The essence of December, with its cosy fireside and shimmering champagne flutes on a frosty winter evening, served as the muse for this collection.

This exquisite garment exudes an air of celebration with its fluid, luminous Cream & Yellow Organza fabric and cheery colour palette. Its voluminous halter neck design is adorned with hand-painted accents, including an exaggerated tie-up bow and a stylish centre slit that showcases its infused pockets. Overall, this dress is a stunning embodiment of joy and festivity.

Head Over Heels Valentine 2023

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Macaron Spring-Summer Legacy Collection 2023

Just like a box of macarons, this collection is a contrast of textures, colours, and flavours that merge in a delicate artistry of 25 years.

My nostalgia came to life with my hand-painted designs, taffetas, colour blocking, heavy embroideries, and ballooned skirts.

I am absolutely enamoured with this ensemble!

The intricately adorned, well-tailored heavy embroidered jacket is paired exquisitely with a dramatically voluminous cobalt blue skirt, making it an impeccable choice for any noteworthy event. I simply can’t get enough of it!

Overall, the process of bringing a collection from sketch to runway is a long and challenging one, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. I love the creative freedom that comes with designing my collections, and the opportunity to share my vision with the world.

For me, fashion is more than just clothing, it’s an art form, and I feel lucky to be able to express myself through my designs.


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